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Playing 19th-century base ball in 2017

Open practices for new players and current ballists will be held Saturday April 15 and April 22, at 10:00am both days at Kennekuk County Park in Danville. Practices are open men and women, boys and girls, and anyone over the age of 13 who would like to come and give vintage base ball a try. Even if you're old, stiff, and long removed from your glory days on the field of play, come and join us as you will be amongst friends. Even if you're young and in your prime, we will gladly accommodate you as long as you bring a healthy spirit of fun, camraderie, and deep love and respect for the game.

Our 2017 season begins April 29 in Noblesville, IN with a match against the White River Base Ball Club. You can view our full 2017 schedule here.

For more information about the Voles or vintage base ball, contact team captain Jim "Weed Eater" Knoblauch at 217-443-4753 or

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