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Voles embark on 2016 campaign

The Voles have awakened from their winters' slumber into a new summer of playing and enjoying the vintage game of base ball.

We begin on Sunday June 12 at beautiful Danville Stadium just down the road from our Kennekuk Meadow home. We will play an intrasquad match with help from our Ground Squirrel brethren from Rock Springs. The match will be played at 2:00pm preceding the match between the Danville Dans and Quincy at 4:30, who play a version of baseball that is way ahead of its time, strange yet familiar and played solely by young, athletic men who apparently require gloves made of cow leather to field the ball.

The 2016 season includes our familiar sojourn to St. Louis, and our annual Uncle Joe Cannon Jamboree. For the first time, we will be sending a contingent of Voles to Dyersville, Iowa to play at the Field of Dreams. Check out our full 2016 schedule.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our matches this season!

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