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Voles fast forward to 1884

Yesterday the Voles saw the future of baseball, where balls had to be caught on the fly for an out, pitchers were throwing overhand, and (gasp) fielders were using leather finger gloves to protect their soft and supple hands.

In Terre Haute, Indiana, the White River Base Ball Club of Indianapolis hosted a vintage match before the Rex vs. Danville Dans Prospect League game. Apparently the future suited the Voles well as they prevailed 11-6 in a sweltering summer heat that proved itself a worthy adversary to all the ballists who competed, even sending a few to an early retirement for the afternoon.

"Weedeater" Knoblauch uses his "unrestricted" pitch delivery

We thank the Terre Haute Rex and the White River Club for a great afternoon of base ball and baseball.

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