The Customs of Kennekuk Meadows

The Vermilion Voles Vintage Base Ball Club play by an interpretation of the VBBA rules of 1858.

These are the customs by which the Voles play at the club's home field:


  • Defensive play positioning.  First, second, and third base fielders are required to play one step from their bag until the hurler releases the ball toward the striker at the plate.  Outfield scouts must play straight away until the hurler releases the ball toward the striker at the plate.  The Rover may be positioned at any point on the field in fair or foul territory.  The Behind may play as far as ten feet behind home plate.  The Hurler delivers pitches from 45-feet away behind a 12-foot line that is parallel to home plate.

  • Lead-offs.  There are no lead-offs.  Runners may leave their bases only when the ball crosses home plate or is hit by the Striker.

  • Stealing.  There is no stealing.  Runners may only advance after the ball has been hit.

  • Advancing.  Runners are frozen by fly-ball outs.  They are awarded safe return to the base they occupied prior to the fly ball out.  Runners may advance on one-bound outs recorded in fair territory and on any two-or-more-bound ball in fair territory.  Runners may not advance on any foul balls.  Runners are required to return to the base they occupied prior to any foul ball that is struck.

  • Sliding.  There is no sliding.  If a player accidently slips and falls and still safely reaches a base, the Arbiter will not consider that a “slide.”

  • Tally Bell.  Kennekuk Meadows uses a tally bell to record aces.  Runners must ask the tally keeper permission to ring the tally bell to successfully record their ace.

  • Batting order.  In order to accommodate all of the players present, a continuous batting order will be followed throughout the match.  In other words, a modern day batting order will be followed.

  • Bunting.  Squared around bunting is prohibited.  Strikers may chop at the ball with a full swing in an effort to advance.  The Fair-Foul Swing may be allowed, but the Arbiter may prohibit its use prior to the match starting if the Arbiter deems the tactic to have potential safety hazards for Cranks.